Chapter 5

7G8 Middlefield, OH

Introducing the 2018 Summer Flying Challenge

In our continuing effort to promote GA and provide members with flying opportunities, Our chapter is offering a summer Flying Challenge.  The idea is to offer a few prizes and big bragging right for the members that fly to the most airports in Ohio. The list of airports is available in the chapter facility, on the chapter website, and in the attached log sheet.  to participate, you must fly to as many airports on the list as possible, take a selfie in front of the terminal or collect other proof of your arrival and create a log of your adventures.  
Scoring is done with an Excel spreadsheet..   Enter the information on the sheet - aircraft horsepower is critical as it is used to handicap all entrants.  The idea is to level the playing field for participants with aircraft of different performance levels.The rules are as follows:

The challenge is open to all EAA 5 members who have paid their annual dues.

The challenge starts at 12:00am Eastern Time on June 1st, 2018 and ends 11:59pm on September 30, 2018.

The list of airports is posted on the chapter website and in the chapter shop as well as the attached log sheet.

Participants must fly to and land (not a touch and go) in a general aviation aircraft under FAR part 91, as a pilot or passenger.

A log must be kept of each operation including the Date, Aircraft model, N-number, Horsepower of aircraft engine, Airport visited, and any optional notes. An electronic spreadsheet version of the log is available for download on the Chapter 5 website and attached to this email.

Participants must take a “selfie” picture when safely on the ground with some identifying part of the airport in the background. Posting to the EAA5 Facebook page is encouraged for those who are members of Facebook.

Participants are responsible for their own flight planning, safety, and any fees (e.g. landing fees)

It is not necessary to use the same aircraft for all flights.  Simply enter the correct aircraft model and horsepower in the log.

If any airport on the list is in dispute (closed, or in error on the list), please contact the Chapter 5 leadership, and a different airport may be substituted.


In order to compensate for the difference in aircraft performance, scoring will be weighted by dividing the total number of airports visited by the horsepower rating of the aircraft used for each trip the formula(10 x (Num Airports/SQRT(HP))).


Prizes will be awarded for the top three scoring participants, a people’s choice for most creative log, and special prize for any participant flying to all airports on the main list.

Any questions - just ask Lee or Tim

Download and save this link to the scoring sheet.

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